Have you ever wanted to read Tarot cards?

Now's your chance to aquire these skills by using the Magicke of Tarot to do readings for yourself, friends and family, (and maybe the occasional frenemy).

When you've finished this course you'll be able to

  • read tarot cards for yourself, family, friends, even total strangers.

  • use your intuition to read Tarot cards by utilizing their numbers, colors, elements, and images.

  • meditate using the powerful Magickal meditation developed by the author and narrator, Shaun Dixon.

  • understand how the Universal Life Force flows through the Tarot and see how it can be used by you to effect positive changes in your life.


You will also receive

  • A brief history of the Tarot, from the 13th century to the present. Looking into the past is always a good indication of where the future is headed.

  • A look at the Rider-Waite Tarot, so you can understand why this is the most popular Tarot deck and specifically, why we use those cards as the basis of the Learn to Read Tarot Cards course.

  • Ways to prepare yourself to do readings. You must train in order to run a marathon. Why would learning to read Tarot cards be any different?


What's a Tarot reading without a way to lay the cards out?

  • Utilize a single card reading, most commonly used for meditation, answers to questions, as a daily Tarot card, and as a significator for multi-card readings.

  • Three and four card layouts. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

  • Old favorites like the Celtic Cross, a ten card layout with many different variations.

  • And if there isn't a layout to suit your needs, I'll show you how to design your own, so your readings can be tailor made to fit the needs of you and your clients.


With the following bonus items

  • Lifetime access to the Learn to Read Tarot Cards course. That means that when I update the course you have immediate access to any improvements.

  • Downloadable resources. From printable pdfs to assist you with card layouts to e-books that give you much more information about Tarot.

  • Over 4 hours of on-demand video which can be watched on your mobile phone, tablet, computer and TV.

  • The description, esoteric attributes, upright and reversed meanings are included for each card. That makes this course a valuable reference.


Every journey starts with a single step and your Tarot journey is no different. Enroll now because your Tarot journey starts here and now.


The benefits of learning how to read Tarot cards.

Learn how to read Tarot cards

When you see a Tarot card for the very first time, what story is it trying to tell you? All you have to do is listen carefully.

  • Learn to use your intuition. Each card is trying to tell you a story. Listen carefully so you can hear that story during your readings and meditations.

  • Learn to use either the Major or Minor Arcana to do a reading. Using less cards makes it easier to become acquainted with the tarot cards when you do readings.

  • Learn to read the Minor Arcana by the meanings of the numbers. You have Ace (1) to ten and then Page (11), Knight (12), Queen (13) and King (14).

  • How you can safely ignore the meanings of any cards that are reversed. Turn them upright. This makes it easier to remember the meanings of the cards.

  • Learn to read each card from its colors. What is the predominant color of each card in the reading? How does it interact with the other colors?

  • Learn to read the Minor Arcana by the element of each suit. Wands are associated with Fire, Cups with Water, Swords with Air, and Pentacles with Earth.

Learn how use different card layouts when doing your readings

How many different kinds of card layouts are there? I would guess that there are as many different kinds of layouts as there are readers.

  • A single card, pulled out of a Tarot deck has so much to say, about so many things, on so many levels, all you have to do is look. Answer questions, introduce a reading, as a daily card.

  • Three cards, pulled at random out of a Tarot deck, can tell us what was, what is, and what is to be. Shows the situstion or opportunites, the challenges and the most probable outcome.

  • Four-card Tarot readings can be used just like a three-card reading, except that these snapshots have a bit more detail to offer. They depict desire, the problem, help needed and the direction it's headed.

  • There is nothing as fulfilling as making something yourself, then using it to help others. A Tarot layout is no different. Does your layout do exactly what you need it to do?



30-Day Money Back Guarantee

And to really make it easy for you to move forward with this, I’m offering an incredible 100% risk-free guarantee and lifetime access to your course so you can take advantage of all the updates.


Learn to Read Tarot Cards

* over 4 hours on-demand video * written and narrated by Shaun Dixon * full lifetime access * downloadable resources * access on mobile, computer & TV * certificate of completion *